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Cosplayer, fanfic writer, avid moviegoer, the usual fangirl thing. Fandoms include Captain America, Avengers, Hobbit/LOTR, FMA, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, lots of anime. Ship starbucks, superhusbands, Johnlock, various yaoi. Into Lolita fashion. More about me under "Things I blog about."
~ Sunday, July 1 ~

Um, so I did this acoustic cover of Star Spangled Man from the Captain America movie, based on the terrific superhusbands fic Avengers: A Partial Dictionary of the 21st Century, by sam_storyteller.  The relevant part of the fic is under the entry Music.  Basically, Steve hears this folky version of the song at a club in NYC in which the questions are left unanswered, instead of him being the answer.  I’m not a professional musician or anything, and I’m emo, so be nice!  And don’t mind my hyperfangirlishness, sometimes these things just come flying into my mind at 3AM and… well yeah.  ^_~

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